Tax free Sanitary napkins

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This is an issue discussed and debated for years now. A sham which continues to taunt every growing girl and woman. It is important that a girl becomes a woman and then become a mother,but the process through which she has to go through is shunned, ignored and silenced as it is shameful to utter a word about her periods,her discomfort and her pain.

88% of the menstruating girls and women in India still can't afford a proper sanitary napkin due its high  prices. Women's menstrual hygiene is not even considered under a specific category of health issue in India. 12%tax on Sanitary napkins would mean more and more women opting out for cheaper and harmful means to protect themselves and become prone to major health concerns on a long run.

As many women have already raised their voices and have started their fight against the inclusion of "Sanitary napkins under Luxury tax",This petition is in support of all these women and for the RIGHTS of women who deserve to Stay protected and In turn lead to a safe and healthy life."Healthy woman-Healthy Family-Healthy Nation ".