Tax on disposable pads and Free reusable cloth pads

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Everyone is talking about giving tax free on disposable sanitary pads; but not thinking of future problems
If Indian government  provided tax free on sanitary pad then every women and adolescent girls in reproductive stage i.e. 344 Million will use disposable sanitary pad; soon in every street corner there will be a small mountain of used dirty sanitary pads which create more unhygienic situation .. 

This will create more problem than giving a solution to Swachh Bharat

There will be a huge damage in environment as there is no proper disposal for such big amount of pads every month, garbage collectors need to handle them directly with such big volume of used pads; this cannot be burned which create air pollution and many other health problems... 

So we need to think for future.. 

If we start from the grass root level it will be easy to implement to reach and create advocacy about reusable cloth pad.  

So please Mr. Arun Jaitley; Put luxury tax on disposable pads and provide free reusable cloth pads for tax free to save environment and healthy India….

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