Don't force 20 years of LOVE to be TORN apart!


Don't force 20 years of LOVE to be TORN apart!

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As an animal lover, I was aghast upon learning about the separation of the only Chimpanzee couple in Uttar Pradesh. Nikita and Jason have been together since birth, and over the past 20 years, have been each other's companions in thick and thin. They do not fight, they are extremely well behaved and love each other a lot.

So why make a loving couple fall apart simply because poor Nikita is going to be USED as a BREEDING MACHINE?

She will forcefully be separated from the only love she's known since she was born. Jason will go into depression, not to mention the fact that poor Nikita might have to face aggression if forced to mate with Chajju (a male chimp from Kanpur). Chimps are extremely intelligent animals, and one cannot force them to mate with each other, more so if Nikita too goes into depression. In exchange for one possibility (the mating of two chimps) you are condemning an innocent Chimp (Jason) to eternal trauma and depression.

This petition is to request the authorities to LET NIKITA DECIDE if she wants to mate with Chajju. Please bring Chajju to Lucknow and introduce him to Nikita under strict observations and monitoring from the concerned authorities.

I everybody to take this matter into consideration. Sign the petition; it's nothing more than the click of a button! This is, after all, a question of two souls who are deeply in love with each other.

Link to the article in the Lucknow TOI

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