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Preventing Violence Against Women and Children

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My name is Maxine McFarlane-Ojuederie. I am trying to challenge the Jamaica Government and people to prevent  violence against women and children.  It is seen that violence against women and children is a major public health concern. Violence is also known to be a threat to all people, however women and children are highly at risk as they are given less rights and often no means of protection.  It is a fact that particular types of violence are deemed socially or legally acceptable in some societies, this on numerous occasions put both women and children at risk.


I was born in Jamaica and migrated to the United Kingdom December 20, 2001.  I would like to be able to visit the country in which I was born along with my children without fearing for our safety.  People from all over the world should feel safe whenever they visit Jamaica on vacation with their family members.


I have lived in Jamaica for over 20 years, therefore, I know that Jamaican women and children have over the years been victims of major crime and violence of various kinds.  The killing of our women and children have been lowering our Jamaica values and standards.  Physical and sexual abuse should have no place in our societies.  These issues are preventing Jamaica from moving forward locally and internationally.


A change in the way our women and children are treated will promote empowerment. The Jamaica Government need to bring greater attention to violence. The victims need legal representations.  Institutional biased against women need to be revised. Our women and children need to be educated. And at the same time gender equality need to be practice in our schools.


In effect, crime and violence set back a nation.  Measures to combat these issues are the key. The victims need access to help and support. Women and children are valuable people within our societies and need looking after. Our mothers and children are our country’s power, without them a country has no foundation. A change in the way in which Jamaican women and children are treated can make this world a better place in which we all live.




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