Organised Loot in name of Parking - Noida Authorized Parking 2018

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Dear Sir, 

This petition is to bring to your notice that 16A (Film City) is hub of different companies. People visit here for their jobs and not entertainment. As per the new revised parking rates which is 80 Rs. for a full day and without any proper demarcation of parking slots. Even the staff here under the licensee M/S K.G Vashistha is very rude.

Also if we take this parking cost annually it comes around 18000 Rs for a single car which is shockingly high and illogical. Earlier the parking for full day used to be 20 Rs. and as per revised rate it has increase 4 times. Unfortunately our salaries do not increase by 4 times so its a request to stop making our lives more miserable.

Also the mass transportation from far reaches of Noida has not started due to which people have no other option but bring their own conveyance. Even from the nearest metro station for Film City , it is difficult to reach and lesser means of mass transportation.

We hope you seriously think about above mentioned points and at-least form a different pricing for the office hubs sectors of Noida

Look forward to your revert and proper early action on this.