Excuse Schools in Miami-Dade County for Global Climate Strike 09-20-2019

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September 20th is the first day of an important landmark in civic history: Climate Week. Youth from all over the globe, inspired by Greta Thunberg's solo strikes, are gathering, planning, and mobilizing for the September 20th Global Climate Strike. As our current administration threatens our future and consistently rolls back environmental protections, our nation slowly slips away from a sustainable future, a future that my generation will have to clean up. Our current government is ignoring the catastrophic signals our scientists have been talking about. It is time to demand our government listen to the science behind climate change and take action for a more sustainable future. We have realized that unless we stand up for our future, make noise, demand action, our politicians will not hear us. We need to remind our government that it works for its people and not corporations, and especially not the oil industry and that unless they take action, they will not receive our votes. That is why we must fill the streets and bring attention to the climate emergency we are living to attract attention from the press and politicians. However, because Friday, September 20th is a school day, we are asking for a special dispensation so we can exercise our civic duty and join millions of youth across the globe in the global climate strike. Several of us are worried that we will be penalised by our teachers for attending this important event. Teachers and school administrators preventing students from attending will not experience the climatic effects that our generation will. With the recent statistics on climate change coming out, we fear that we might not make it to our 80s if we do not act quickly. This is why we ask you just one thing, and that is to excuse absences for attending the global climate strike. This will encourage students to fight for the future they are studying so hard to have. 

- Rita Blue Grinfeder and Addys Plata :)

Fri, September 20, 2019 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM @ City Halls