End the Cruel Inhumane Treatment of your pet Husky. Sell or give away

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A sad Eid day 3 for a Husky.

As a month of compassion, giving food and clothes to the poor and needy, taking time out for those that have no voice, how often do we include animals in that list?

This Husky, needs our attention. Alone, outside her owners White House style palatial Clifton block 2 house, in the heat and humidity of today's Karachi summer, going up to 40+ degrees, she is a snow dog, bred in and for cold climates, with a thick coat of fur that is now dirty, matted and probably riddled with ticks which one can't see from far, mostly chained, but now allowed to walk in a caged pen sidewalk footpath area on the street, 50'x5' max. Like any Husky, or GSD, Doberman, Rottweiler, She too needs a lot of room to run and regular daily exercise. She needs attention and an intellectually stimulating enrichment activity daily, like all pet dogs do. This morning there was no water in her bowl, let alone iced water and old stale dry food that she hadn't touched. On enquiring with the chokidar, she hadn't been taken out for her brief 10 min pee/poo break "walk" in over 2 days. She urinates on the hot hard dirty cement floor. She lies flat panting, mostly, barely responds to visitors, head hands low, nose is dry. A totally ineffective fan far away does nothing to keep her cool. Tail rarely wags. Has a dry nose. It takes no rocket scientist or animal expert to see that she is in a terrible situation physically and emotionally - hot, unhappy, unhealthy, unloved and miserable.

This is a violation of animal rights and a sad demonstration of a trophy pet not good enough to keep inside the house as a family member. A violation of humanity and an arrogant mockery of a community that has no little animal law to defend this suffering soul kept prisoner for a crime not committed.

The irony is, in the holy month of Ramzan, her owner Akhtar Hasnain, who is a TV actor, a media personality, and someone who could easily advocate to the public, his fans and followers, people he has influence over, how one must look out for the voiceless, take care of animals as one would humans or ones own children. He chooses not to. And flaunts this attitude visibly to everyone on his street. It's shameful. Media personalities like this gentleman, I believe have a responsibility as a role model and mentor, as a community influencer, to help make their city a better place. To help people be the best they can be. To keep values of compassion and humanity alive. To help give the directionless direction and the voiceless a voice. To lead by example. To support the needy, human adult, human child and animal alike.

Many of us have tried to connect to this gentleman, via phone calls, SMS and ringing his doorbell to request a face to face chat. He has either been unnecessarily rude on the phone, ignored the SMS or not come out to the gate. He claims there is no problem and the dog is fine.

What would you do if you saw a neighbours child daily being abused, violated, beaten, molested? Would you simply pass by and do nothing because it was not your child and therefore not your business?

Just because we need to come together as a community to create and enforce an animal rights law, till that happens, I believe it is our responsibility to help save that dog. Albeit just one. But let this be a reason for us to come together. And a model case study to build upon. I hope the TV actor owner of this puppy, sees this, sees what he is guilty of and mends his ways, sells the dog to one of us, so we can give it the care it deserves.

Let's save this life .

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