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MPSC Manipur Scam: Quash Civil Services Exam 2016

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In pursuance to the publicly aware anomalies in the MCSCCE-2016 Mains examination conducted by Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC), this group filed for Answer Sheets Copies according to RTI Act 2005. However, MPSC played delay tactics not to answer the applications. With dogged pursuit and running from doors to doors including those of State Information Commission, we could finally obtain the copies after almost seven to eight months in July 2017.

Various irregularities in the said examination came to light. The anomalies that were discovered include tampering of marks, wrong tabulation, missing signatures of examiners on answer scripts, different versions of signatures of a single examiner and non-allocation of marks.

 Prior to the declaration of the final results, this group had already pursued the High Court of Manipur against MPSC pertaining to two important cases:-

1.      MPSC violated the instructions of extra paper. It allowed candidates to use extra sheets, when its usage has already been stopped in the examination instructions and despite the known fact that there is no accountability of extra sheets. In almost PSC exams extra paper has been discontinued only to remove corruption and to stop manipulation.

2.      In the evaluation part, MPSC proved its extraordinarily ridiculous calibre to declare result in 7 working days by evaluating Eight (8) Subjective papers of 300 Marks each for 1030 candidates and malafide instructions. They hastily completed the evaluation in 7 working days and declare the result, which normally otherwise took 2 months on earlier occasions.

For the unitiated, the result was declared on 21-12-2016 whereas the Chairman retired on 7-11-2016. Moroever, the Member already got retired on 31-01-2016. Thus, only the Secretary was doing the one man army character with some subordinate staff. In this pursuit, he also acted as Controller of Examination that created many more rooms for doubts and malice. There was no Chairman in place to issue the recommendation letter to the Secretariat, which will further issue Appointment Orders.

However, nothing was impossible for MPSC and the selected Candidates. They went on to obtain the appointment orders by ways which are beyond the comprehension of the general public.

With all these demoralizing incidents and open secrets many bright candidates who cannot afford huge amount of money as a bribe are always left out of the true evaluation in the competition.  

We would like to reiterate that MPSC is an institution /authority constituted under the provision of Article 315 of the Constitution of India with its function to conduct examinations for appointments to the services of the State Government and it is unfortunate that the MPSC has failed to discharge its function effectively and in case it continues to do so, the public will lose its faith in it. It is high time the MPSC introspect, to apply its mind and try to improve its functioning to a great extent.

The honourable Chief Minister of Manipur has also constituted an Anti-Corruption Cell with dedicated Officials and help line numbers, but this major issue seems to find no place on the radar of  the said cell.

We, the group of aspirants of MPSC, request the honourable Prime Minister of India, the Chief Minister of Manipur and others to whom it may concern to quash the MCSCCE 2016 Exam and constitute an independent enquiry body to expose and punish whosoever involved in the selling and buying of the top administrative jobs of the state and to ensure a transparent and corruption free administration.



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