Stop isis bride shamima begum getting legal aid from the tax payer!

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Shamima begum has been given legal aid even though she is now not a member of this country anymore, us the tax payer are funding this! We don’t want terrorists here in our country, we do not as the tax payer agree to this and we want it to stop!!!! She’s trying to fight her decision of not being aloud back, it’s recently been found out that she helped scuicide bombers by stitching the bombs to there clothes and being an active member of isis, she wants to come back for free Benefits a house and support, we as the people say know, there is no place for terrorists here, and we do not want to fund her legal aid!

We need to stop the legal aid to shamima begum, she does not deserve it, she is a terrorist and we do not support terrorism. This is wrong and she must face the consequences of her actions. I as one do not want my money going to terrorists.