To be able to get chemotherapy

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Hello everyone Thankyou for taking the time to read my petition! As COVID 19 has hit us hard it has taken most of our medical treatments away. As I am a cancer fighter we have all noticed that our cancer treatments are not happening. We’ve had our surgery’s not happen, chemotherapy and radiotherapy not moving ahead and trails just come to a complete stop. This is going to cause a huge backlash on the cancer community, this is now a massive crisis that we’re having to face and Feeling more frightened and vulnerable than ever before. We just want to live. Some of us are not ready to go yet and need the treatment to keep us here with our children and families! Unfortunately people have already lost their life’s to cancer as they’ve not been able to get their treatment in time, this is something that should never of stopped, we should be able to get our medical treatments as it’s our human rights. Chemotherapy doesn’t just prolong our life but it can also help with the agonising pain cancer causes. Please help the cancer community by signing this petition, i known I am speaking on the behalf of a lot of people who just simply want the chance to live. Thankyou so much. Hopefully soon we can be back on the right track.