Governmental crack down on scalpers re-selling tickets for profit

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In recent years, there has been a major increase in the buying and re-selling—scalping—of tickets, predominantly concert tickets, for extortionately high prices online. Websites such as Getmein, Stubhub, and Viagogo serve as an online ticket marketplace for ticket resale, and have near to no rules or regulations when it comes to the pricing of resale tickets. This combined with the technology of ticketbots (computer programs that automate the process of buying tickets online) makes it near impossible for many people to buy tickets to events for affordable prices.

This is not only immensely frustrating for the average person, but is also a massive issue for people in lower-income financial situations. If £20 tickets are being resold for £100+ with near to no chance of availability from general sale, this is the beginning of a society where concerts, plays, etc. cannot be accessed or enjoyed by people without hundreds of pounds of disposable income, which will only serve to widen class gaps and, as melodramatic as it sounds, lower quality of life for many people.

The government should take this issue seriously as it affects thousands upon thousands of people across the United Kingdom and the only people who would not benefit from a crackdown on this practice is the scalpers themselves who maintain a very un-noble profession. If the resale of football tickets is illegal, I cannot understand why the resale of concert tickets for profit is not.

(Emphasis must be put on the profit element however, because many people might resell tickets for face value or less when they become unable to attend the event they once bought the ticket for.)