Ask our MPPs to Demand Insurance companies to waive off Auto Insurance Premium

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We ask that our Provincial Government demand Insurance companies to waive off premium for three months during this pandemic. In the other words, at this very difficult time of our lives, insurance companies are in fact making more profit. Less claim to pay means more money in their pocket.  Now that auto claims have  been reduced significantly  then insurance companies should not make profit out of it but they should come forward and waive premium for the consumers

 My request to demand insurance companies to waive premium for at least three months because insurance companies have been making money by charging very high premium in Ontario and paying almost nothing.

Why we are demanding it:

- We are paying highest premium in this Province and yet getting least benefits from Auto Insurer.

- Insurance companies are making Billions of Dollars from Premium and yet they do not like to pay claim to the people who are suffering injuries of no fault of their own. 

- that most of the Accident Benefits (which were available to the Accident Victims prior to 2010) have been either taken away or substantially reduced by insurance companies as a result of changes in the Auto Insurance legislation.

-In order to claim any money for pain and suffer, insurance companies are entitled  to get a $40,0000.00 deductible. This essentially means if a court awards an auto accident victim $35,000.00 for pain and suffer , the victim gets nothing and auto insurance company can keep that money in their pocket. This is because the current insurance legislation allows insurance companies to avoid paying any damage award within the deductible amount as outlined above.