Affordable housing

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Housing in the GTA has been going up and up and it is becoming unaffordable. Housing prices have gone up about 33% over the past few years and it is not right, it is unfair because salaries are not going up but the house prices are. Houses in Vancouver used to be around $920,791 but now it has gone upto about $1,056,136 thats about a 15% increase in under a year. Can you imagine how much theses prices will go up when its time for you, or maybe your kids to buy a house? We need to stop this before it gets out of control. If you would like to join the community and help raise awareness about this issue please sign our petition. If we reach our goal of 100 signatures, the MPP's will be notified and a letter about recommendations will be sent out to them with a link to my website which has more information about this issue. Together we can sign this petition to alert the MPP's to do something about it and help us by making house prices more affordable. Please share this petition with other friends and family. Thank you.