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STOP artificial turf on Key Biscayne's Village Green

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The Village green is the only natural public park for thousands of children living in Key Biscayne.

It is unbelievable someone could even consider replacing it with artificial turf!

There are hundreds of evidence that show the disadvantages of artificial turf for kids, specially if placed on high temperature climate like ours.

I understand we would like to have a "perfect" lawn  for kids to play soccer! But to what cost? Do we really not understand how damaging is for kids? Where is our common sense? What is next? Pouring cement over the beach so its neat and leveled, and little kids don't fall when running and people keep their feet clean?

Our trying to "perfect" everything through plastic is a mistake.

Dear Mayor Mayra Peña and council members, we understand you take the lead representing the benefit of all of us, please consider the fact that artificial turf in our climate is very damaging for children and that even sport institutions all over the world are banning turf fields.

HEAT The surface of an artificial sport held on a sunny day in the summer can reach more than 140o F. This causes dehydration, heat stroke and blisters on the bottoms of the feet
of players) .  

INJURIES Thousands of evidence show players suffer more joint injuries (especially knee, ankle and foot) and "turf burns" are not only more painful but dangerous. 

HARMFUL CHEMICALS in artificial turf (yes even if it is not made of tires) go directly into the air, some of which are known to cause cancer.

Do we really want this for our children? Will you council members carry the responsibility of having taken this decision that over years to come will prove to be a terrible mistake.

Kids need contact with nature more than ever! Their bodies and minds are resenting the alienation with it, respiratory and neurological problems are reaching alarming numbers

It is truly astonishing that knowing how all the world is creating innitiatives to keep natural places alive, we, at this very privileged community are taking one step back.

If taken, this choice would be of great damage to children and the environment. And people will resent its consequences for years. 

Please help us keep our children healthy and happy and our Island a paradise!

Thank You 

Bibiana Domit

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