Prosecute the owner of "til the cows come home - Farm sanctuary"

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The owner of " Till the cows come home - farm sanctuary" obtained 190 cows and calves from bobby trucks and farmers, however she did not debud the calves of their horns or vaccinate them or castrate them. They also have not been tested for TB ( Tuberculosis) or Mbovis (Mycoplasma bovis) which HUHA are also taking on the task of doing.

Over lock down these poor animals were feeding on leased land and run out of feed, the owner was told she owed $10,000 for the lease of the land and he had now no feed left for the cows, this resulted in many of the livestock going down the road of starvation and malnutrition. 

MPI have now stepped in and demanded the livestock be put down or given new homes. Some of these animals are in horrific condition and with not being dehorned they are not allowed on livestock trucks , this now means HUHA nz have taken on the mammoth task of vaccinating, dehorning and castrating which causes huge unnecessary pain. 

If this was a New Zealand farmer they would have been prosecuted, so why has this person not been prosecuted? It's blatant animal abuse.

You can see pictures of the ongoing mammoth effort to save these cows on the HUHA NZ facebook page.