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MPAA: Please redefine what is appropriate for an R rating.

I'm asking you to please give an NC-17 rating, instead of an R, to sexually titillating movies and to live action movies which display full frontal nudity. Giving these types of movies an R rating means that kids as young as five can watch these films when they have an adult guardian or parent with them. Why do I think that viewing these particular films are a a bad thing, even with an accompanying adult?
According to Ross O’Hara, a postdoctoral member of the University of Missouri, whenever adolescents view more sexual content in movies they are more likely to “start having sex at younger ages, have more sexual partners, and are less likely to use condoms with casual sexual partners.” -, 7/18/12. Not using condoms during casual sex increases the likelihood of unwanted pregnancies and all types of STDS, including AIDS.
Now I will give brief descriptions of some of the sexually explicit content in recent movies such as “Spring Breakers,” “The Master,” and “The Sessions.” I’m doing this for the sake of those who are not members of the MPAA, and for those unfamiliar with said films' sexual content.
1) Spring Breakers: “A young man .... licks her bare breasts (we see the breasts and nipple piercings),” and a man “... thrusts toward one of the young women as she holds and kisses the other young woman and we see them all nude under water (bare buttocks, chest and breasts are visible).” - Women also rub “their [bare] chests against other women's.” -
2) The Master: “... At least a dozen women ... appear fully nude with their bare buttocks, breasts and genitals visible,” and a “... man touches bare breasts.” -
3) The Sessions: We see one woman’s “full nude body several times, front and back, including pubic hair,” and we see another woman’s “full frontal and full back nudity.” -
I’m not asking the MPAA to ban any of these movies. All I’m asking is that the MPAA please give movies that are similar in content to “Spring Breakers,” “The Master,” and “The Sessions,” an NC-17 rating. When a movie is given an NC-17 rating, this states that no one under 17 may see that particular film. At least sign this for the sake of the kids, please.

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