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Male Nudity Double Standards in Mainstream Movies

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In the past 15 years there has been an obscene amount of male full frontals in movies, usually exposing the testicles and penis. Yet, if you attempt to look for or have seen movies with female full frontals, theres something hiding her vulva. A pubic wig (merkin). The only movie that comes to mind that exposes the Vulva in a  mainstream movie was Trance. I'm not even sure that had a theatrical release, or if the Vulva was only exposed in the DVD version in the US.

 Now tell me why the penis/testicles are allowed to be exposed and the female vulva/labia are not? What is the difference? Everyone knows the majority of women shave these days. If you are going to expose one gender, expose the other. We always hear about this gender equality, well its time to step up. This is 2015. Stop being afraid to expose a vulva when anyone over the age of 13 has seen one.

The majority of women consider breasts = penis, not penis = vulva. There is no known actual full frontal involving the  Vulva in any mainstream movie released in the past 10-15 years. No matter who you have this conversation with if you ask them to bring up a single movie exposing the female form without pubic hair they cannot do it. Ask them the same question about penis in film and they'll go on forever. This is a double standard that needs to be stopped.

There have been extreme close ups of male genitalia in an absurd amount of movies (Get hard (2015), Dewey Cox, Sense8(2015) ETC. Yet not a single vulva close up... I wonder why? 

I'm asking for gender EQUALITY. It's time for the MPAA to grow up and stop being afraid of what is natural.

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