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Award the italian HERO 'Joe Palermo' the honorary British nationality

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He deserve the !  the honorary  British nationality and alsoGeorge Cross as serve and protect people !''He has faith in our multi cultural society!!!!!Joe Palermo An Italian witness on the scene during the terrorist attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market was helping people with injuries and assisting and taking armed police officers to the locations where terrorist were! A few people have disputed this! saying that this wasn’t true! Joe Palermo was indeed there! I’m inviting those 'people' to make a request to obtain CCTV Footage and you will see clearly man wearing a stripes pink and white shirt, blue jeans and a Panama hat coming from the MUDLARK pub and taking the stairs to London bridge and talking to police officers near the terrorist VAN and then going back down the stairs with them. People have said that Italians are liars! That is offensive! I will persecute such persons! Thank you for not appreciating someone who was helping during the attack! He deserve the honorary British nationality as serve and protect people ! is it old but just show how he is actives ! he is..... (2)
(3) (4) Londoners, British-born and migrants, fought and died side-by-side during the 3 June jihadi rampage. (5)

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