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The way people are treated when asking for help at hospitals eg going to commit suicide

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The proplem I want to solve is sucide and mental health issues , the NHS do not take action when required and does not take this serious enough! 

I’m going to take this on a personal level , my name is Lucinda Collis and my brother George Collis took his own life on the 29th of may , a number of times George had gone to the doctor and hospital begging for help , they had turnt him away 

George had tried before this and the belt used snapped , he got found in his room at the time by his friends Mum and she called 999 , they came took him to hospital we’re I had meet him there , he was in a state and begged to be sectioned as he had enough of life felt low and depressed , the man from the mental health team said there’s nothing we can do , I also begged him to help my brother , the only thing the doctor done was gave him a piece of paper with a number “contact them “ the doctor said , walked out and that was that !!

I could not believe what I was seeing or hearing .

Few months later I’m here writing this mine and my family’s life the impact it has done the footprints left behind , George is now dead due to the lack of help which he asked for even begged , Due to his mental health issues.

people who knew of George thought happy chap , soul of the party etc but deep down there were a lot of issues which as a man he kept it bottled up and put on a face but deep down he was one lost man who wanted NEEDED help but got turnt away at his lowest

My mum and Dad had to Lay there son to rest at the age of 29, George had me his big sister 31 , Thomas 27 and his baby sister tia 13 along with his 3 nieces one he didn’t even meet. I would not want anyone to go through what my brother did mentally on a daily basis or what my family has gone through and is still going through , I suppose we will always have good and bad days , but at the moment there’s a big black cloud over our heads , which will never go , you truly are missed brother x 


something has to be done and fast , hospitals need to do something and help these vurnable people in a need of time we must all stand together 


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