decriminalisation of cannabis

decriminalisation of cannabis

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Phillip Evans started this petition to MP's

Are you a cannabis activist??

Then I need your help....

I have a wonderful and very educated team around the law on cannabis helping me on my way. They want nothing in return but success, just success to overturn this case.

On Feb 2019 I was caught but not arrested for holding 6g of CBD flower. A caution was offered but refused. A lot more detail but to much to put on here as evidence.


Why refuse the caution?

1. I use this stuff as a medicine as 21 tablets a day do not work.

2. The scheduling of cannabis is a farse at schedule 2 when opiates are schedule 4 and are more harmful with 1000' of deaths per day. Not 1 recorded death by using cannabis to date.

3. I don't agree with the law and I will stand up to them.

I will put this case to the court very good people behind and challenge the PSNI, PPS and the court system.

3 people lost their jobs 2 of which are single parents, with the contsent dealing with the government every week and it unfortunately took its toll for the business to continue to carry on. 

The stress it caused to me, my employees, their kids and that was a big responsibility to take on and the hurt is still their for the business however it is now closed. 

So now I am up in court for 6g of CBD flower with does not get you high in anyway but we choose to challenge a few thing about the laws that's set in place today. This is wrong. And we the people need to fight to fix whats right for this powerful medicine with 0 side effects. 

Do you live in northern Ireland, Ireland or mainland uk ??? Can you make it to northern Ireland on the 21st of July 2020 at 10am? NOTE ' this could change for adjournment for more time.

The more we have present to show our strength in this medicine the better. We can not lay down and accept a caution and a 60 quid fine and a criminal record. Your rights are being breached and the law is wrong.

Time is for change so if you can make it please come and show your support it would be much appreciated.

To date 2 prescriptions ny the NHS have been made to 2 children, 1 here in Northern Ireland and the other is in the mainland UK. The law was changed in November 2018 but still to this day nobody is getting the medicine they dearly need. This has to stop. 

CBD is a powerful plant and I have helped many 1000,s of people along in my journey helping people  using the best oils and pastes to me from the the Netherlands... and doctors couldn't help with prescription drugs. 

On the other the hand full plant cannabis with THC the part that gets you high has far more benefits for different illnesses if taking with a high CBD quality. 

Also if anyone has used my products in the passed from natures CBD store and the new shop green leaf supplements  would love to hear your testimonials to present to the court.

Your details will remain anonymous.

Hope to see you there canna people. we can have a change if we all do our bit. 

Regards Philip Evans. PLease Email. 



0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!