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Provide legal rights to UK migrant children when they become 18 so they can stay in the UK

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In an article in the Guardian I read the heart wrenching story of Marianne, who had been brought to this country aged 6, lived with her aunt and her family, gone to school and was looking forward to going to university, only to receive on her 18th birthday a text from the Home or Immigration Office telling her she no longer had a legal right to stay in the UK. Her troubled parents had left her with her aunt because they could not look after her. She knew no-one and had nowhere to stay in Nigeria, yet the UK government seemed to expect this young lady to get on a plane and return to a country she barely remembered. We had paid for her schooling and she wanted to contribute to our society, but now on her 18th birthday she was informed in the most off-hand manner that she was no longer welcome. She had come to love this country, felt herself to be a part of it but our law seemed designed to remove her from her family and chuck her out of what she considered her homeland. 

I do not know what happened to Marianne. She was using all the means available to her to try and persuade the authorities that she should be allowed to stay, but this battle had already taken a number of months and been an incredibly stressful, upsetting and expensive process for Marianne, and at the time the Guardian article was written, she still had assurance whatsoever that she'd be allowed to stay in the UK.

The law that put Marianne through this torture is both unjust and inhumane. My petition seeks to change it so that all children that arrive in this country and go to school and are living with residents or citizens of the UK, should still have the legal right to remain here when they're 18. Lets try and prevent other teenagers from suffering the same ordeal as Marianne. 

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