MP Peter Dutton: Tearing families part with his immigration policies

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Lately, department of home affairs has increased the visa processing times for partner visas from the initial 6-9 month decision time to 21-26 months.This not only puts a lot of pressure on every relationship but at the same time it's destroying the families by keeping them apart for months

Out of 125,000 family visas logged last year, Australian government has only granted 47000 leaving tens of thousands waiting for a decision.

In a statement issued to the press few weeks ago Mr Dutton said & i quote "I want to make sure we scrutinize each application so we are getting best possible migrants".

This suggests that if the ministry of home affairs think that a partner is not suitable to be migrated to Australia your only option to make your relationship work is either the sponsor leaves Australia forever or you get your partner her on a tourist visa every 3 months, which is not feasible. So, in a way you are being persuaded to marry someone who's in Australia & not someone who you want to.

The only alternative at this stage to get your partner to come to Australia is on a Tourist Visa but then they have to go back every 3 months to 6 month depending upon the Visa they get & the visa officers mood, which not only adds to the financial issues but also disturbs their family life. Imagine leaving your wife or your husband every 3 months & then get them to come back again after some time in an infinite loop until the government decides on your application.


 Please I request everyone to get behind this change that i'm trying to bring & help spread this message.