My two beautiful boys I’m on urge loosing them they already lost there daddy

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My two boys are 5 n 4 we are in a foster placement waiting for the last hearing in may the 29th n I’m on the urge of loosing them all over because my ex partner nearly killed my youngest lucky I walked in while he was doing it n he stopped then after he was hurting me he’s the reason I’m loosing them there gunna get fostered they all ready moved 6 times they need to stay with there mum they already lost there dad in a motorcycle accident in 2016 I been doing it on my own for 5 yrs looking after my boys n I’m getting the blame of loosing them caz of my ex and he gets of with what he done so he still walking about I just want take my boys home so they see there family and friends they dnt Deserve this no way no child dose I’m a good mum no matter what