Stop Bill M-587, which is discriminative, divisive, politically motivated, hate mongering, promotes self serving lobbies, anti-Turkish/Turkey, violating Canadian values and against Canadian interests

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Politically motivated Bill M-587 should be stopped, because it is deliberately crafted to using genocide prevention concept as a pretext and moving the commemoration dates of all the legally and historically proven genocides from their traditionally observed dates (which are not in April) to the month of April, with an intention of not simply promoting the Armenian self-claimed genocide day of April 24, but yet further putting April 24 at the center of all, for better self-visibility of Armenian self-claimed narrative at the expense of others by readjusting history. It demands the month of April to be observed as genocide prevention month in Canada, based on a misleading false claim that most Internationally recognized genocides are observed in April, nevertheless:

1. Except for the Rwanda Genocide Memorial day (which is on April 6), none is observed in April. In fact, International Holocaust Memorial Day is January 27, Bosnian Srebrenica Genocide Remembrance Day is July 11, Holodomor Memorial Day is November 23, Hojaly Massacre Day 25 February, ...

 2. Reducing the importance of unique Holocaust tragedy by hijacking the International Holocaust Memorial Week in an attempt to moving it to the month of April for promoting one-sided, self-declared Armenian narrative.

3. The bill deliberately distorts the truth to promote political interests of Armenian lobbies. This is playing for ethnic votes before upcoming Federal elections to get political gains, if not just due to a simple ignorance only. And as such, it simply uses all illegitimate means to just meet ends (some cleverly hidden agendas).

4. The bill falsely claims that on April 24 a genocide happened to Armenians in WWI/1915, without neither a verdict of legitimate International UN courts nor a common consensus among expert historians for more than a century now. As such, it violates international genocide laws and undermines the authority of legitimate UN courts/institutions, is divisive, fueling ethnic and religious hatred among groups, is discriminating and selectively recognizing one group's pain while totally ignoring other, is provocative and not re-conciliatory, is anti-peace, is harming Canadian interests by serving Armenian lobbies and creating hostility against Turkey and its people.

5. It is against academic freedom of speech and basic human rights of free expression. The attached picture is an example of how Armenian radical groups will behave when they are encouraged by this kind of ensuring one-sided bills about absolute validity of their narrative: in this picture they are trying to stop respectable US scholars (Prof. Justin McCarthy & Bruce Fein) from delivering their academic speech at UofT on February 27, 2015. Is this the kind of Canada we want to have?

6. This Bill is encouraging terrorism. Armenian ASALA/ JCAG terrorists carried out many atrocities around the World, including first terrorist attack in Canada (see Turkish Col.Attila Altikat Memorial Monument in Ottawa), aiming at mainly Turkish targets and openly demanding land from Turkey, carried out some 239 acts of terrorism from 1973 to present day (including 35 bombings/death threats, 160 property destruction), which killed at least 70 innocent civilians (including 31 Turkish diplomats and a Canadian security guard) and wounded 524 (including 28 Turkish diplomats); took 105 hostages, executing 12, one of whom was an American. Bombings were generally committed in crowded public areas such as airports, city squares and shopping malls. Thanks to the encouraging bills such as M-587 and their wrong message about absolute righteousness of Armenian Dashnakh government and its diaspora extensions about their demands re their unproven genocide claims, they never condemned such barbaric terrorist acts so far, and in fact many perpetrators of all these heinous crimes have been harbored and treated as national heroes by Armenia Dashnakh government and its diaspora extensions abroad, even as of today. Is this how we combat global terrorism in Canada and abroad, by helping supporters of terror?

7. This politically motivated bill M-587 is harming Canada’s interests by negatively impacting its relations with a long-time NATO ally, Turkey, an emerging regional power (a G20 member and host of its 2015 meeting) within a strategically very important region of the World that holding 75% of known global energy resources, by directly attacking its sovereignty and constructively interfering with its neighboring affairs. This so called "genocide" issue of 1915 is part of a tireless worldwide lobbying campaign of Armenian Tashnakh government and its extensions outside, in hope of eventually demanding/getting land from Turkey through political pressures of foreign parliaments by passing such bills and verdicts. In fact, Armenia is not making any secret of its such intentions, and that is why it has not signed a border agreement with Turkey as of today, despite the fact that it desperately wants to open these unrecognized borders for its economic needs. We tax payer Canadians of Turkish origin don't want Canada to be part of such illegitimate plans of these nations ant their self-serving lobbies in Canada, because of some opportunist politicians who pursue such Armenian interests for their personal political gains ahead of Canadian interests.


In this context, this is what Hon. Senator Anne C. Cools said at the 2nd Session of 41st Parliament, at the Standing Senate Committee on "Foreign Affairs and International Trade entitled: Building Bridges: Canada- Turkey Relations and Beyond", tabled in the Senate on November 28, 2013: "...Mutual respect, with its mutual sense of humanity, is the ground on which sound international and foreign relations are built and stand. Governments ignore these human facts at their peril. International relations demand constant care and attention, and demand these of the highest officeholders of state power...It is one thing for someone to use the word "genocide" as a metaphor. It is quite another for a parliamentary assembly to adopt resolutions that have the international effect of pointing an accusatory finger at a sovereign nation for ancient war events that well antedate the term and legal regime that we call genocide. Retrospectivity in law and legal application has always been condemned. It is well-established principle and practice that selective application of criminal law to the selected some and not all is unjust. This is true for individuals and nations...The retroactive and retrospective application of laws to eras and events that well antedate those laws is unfair, unjust and unwise. This principle, in European legal canon, is stated as Nullum crimen sine lege, nulla poena sine lege praevia. This means, "No crime without law and no penalty without previous law...misuse and ill-use of the legal criminative construct "genocide" (a new legal framework of international law which was codified in 1948 by UN) and its judicial weapons also unleash their own inhumane and brutal opportunities for man's inhumanity to man to prosper.."

There is no law portraying late Ottoman era 1915 Turkish-Armenian events as genocide, and third party parliaments are not authorized entities to replace international criminal courts to take that role and say so. Canada is no exception on that.

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