Stop the Government 'Locking down O70's'

Stop the Government 'Locking down O70's'

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Lorraine George started this petition to MP Matt Hancock and

The Government wants to incarcerate Over 70's in their homes for months, no doubt to protect hospital beds from this vulnerable area of society.

O70’s are very unlikely to have the knowledge or the capability of doing an online shop and many will not have younger family able to do so for them.

Many will have a companion dog that also requires food and a daily walk. Anyone calling to walk the dog (even if available) could transmit the virus.

Isolation is likely to cause illness / death.

Those that live with younger relatives could still have the virus ‘delivered’ home to them anyway.

What about getting their medication? What about those who have and need carers?


Advise (not threaten) O70’s to

Not visit any populated places.

Ask doctor to visit at home.

Ask for ‘people-free’ escort into any necessary hospital appointments.

Walk out in the fresh air (with or without a dog) to maintain good health and alleviate boredom – but stay at least 6ft away from other people.

If you can get someone to order food online please do so. Otherwise if you need to visit a shop go at quiet times and stay away from other people **.

   *** Maybe the Government could take food orders over a helpline but remember, many O70’s do not have credit cards either so do they pay with cash and maybe receive infected change back?

For those that CHOOSE to stay in alone - set up a dedicated freephone help desk that can advise, help and chat to O70’s who are feeling scared and isolated.

Oh and scrap the £1000 fines. 

Prison? Really?

a) there is no prison space and

b) does the Government mean all contained 'together' just for walking alone with your dog?


Stop anyone else leaving the Country to go on holiday to Italy, Spain, Northern Cyprus, USA (and add as necessary).

Get back all UK citizens ‘stuck’ in other countries – quarantined en route and upon return.

Stop people from badly infected areas such as Milan walking unchecked through our airports and into this country. UK citizens – quarantine Others send back.

AND – any measures that are taken should also be on a NHS County basis depending on number of cases.

For example, why lockdown O70’s in Suffolk (1 case) and Norfolk (4 cases)?

Again if all cases are identifiable as ‘imports from other countries’ – STOP foreign travellers/visitors (i.e. FLIGHTS) – NOT forcibly lockdown the O70’s


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!