Urgent Health Hazard Concern Over Proposed LOCATION of TELUS Cell Tower in Riondel

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We are highly concerned about the location of the proposed TELUS cell tower in the village of Riondel on Kootenay Lake and its' unacceptably close proximity to homes, restaurant and seniors housing (25-300 feet), and its' adverse health impacts from the electromagnetic radiation.  Situated right inside a quaint remote rural community, it would also be an eyesore in this beautiful country setting and definitely would diminish property values.  There is plenty of empty mountainside far from the village where cell tower coverage would be far superior and safer.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from modern cell towers is largely comprised of high-frequency radio waves. The adverse biological effects of EMR from cell towers have been observed in birds, bees, and humans and have been linked to cancer,  neuological disorders, and infertility, among other health issues. 

We feel TELUS should provide this upgraded service in the safest and most responsible manner possible, which means the tower site needs to be further away from the village.  Distance is the main issue here!

There are plenty of other communities in BC who have refused to have a cell tower placed in their vicinity.  In fact, in a few countries there are policies on limiting the presence of towers and antennas in residential areas and near schools, hospitals and playgrounds.

We strongly protest the imminent instillation of this cell tower in the proposed Riondel location, in light of the long-term hazards and threats to our health and well-being, including to our children and to other life forms.