Craig Gray receiving custodial sentence for defending family against violent offender

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A known offender with a extensive criminal record of violence, attend Craig Gray's home, intoxicated in the early hours of the morning kicking and smashing through the front door. This occured after weeks of threats on social media. A altercation ensued which resulted in the said person beginning hospitalised.

Craig does not deny he assaulted him, but this was in self defence and only protecting himself, his family and his home.                                                                         Following a 3 day trial at Durham Crown Court,the jury foung Craig not guilty of a section 18 offence, guilty of a section 20. Craig's barrister appealed to the judge, because of Craigs good character and only crime being a conviction of theft in 2001, was to imposed a suspended sentence and or community service/fine. However Craig received a custodial sentence of 2 years and 9 months.

How come a person with 27 criminal convictions and 48 offence mostly of violence including an attempted stabbing of a police officer, be able to go and kick a persons door in after numerous threats make out he is a victim.  He went with the intention of causing an altercation and so instigated the whole episode.

Would any right thinking members of the public, with full knowledge of all the relevant facts and circumstances, learning of this sentence consider that something had gone wrong with the administration of justice   


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