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End the use of the offending and degrading term “sell yourself” for job interviews.

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We have become aware of a matter which gives us serious cause for concern in the Education and Employment sectors. The key issue is raised when professionally trained career advisors use the term “sell yourself” whenever they are explaining how you should think and conduct yourself during a job interview. Now at first glance this may not seem such a “big deal” to some people, however if you pause and take a second look you may see what we see, which is that the term is insulting, inappropriate, misleading, and can easily lead to misinterpretation. We at “Big Up Yourself Inc.” recognise that the term “sell yourself” goes hand in hand with two illegal activities, namely prostitution and slavery, and also one immoral practice which is “sellout”. It is a negative phrase to say the least, so when a person is in a position of seeking legitimate employment we cannot see any positive purpose why such a term should be used, much less be given as a key piece of advice by a qualified professional. We at BUY Inc. believe that the term in question “sell yourself” is damaging, not only to society in general, but especially to the youth or young generation in particular because they are the future and they possess fresh positive ideas, hopes and dreams.

In a modern, moral, and civilised society, we believe that a person should NEVER have to consider “selling themselves” under any circumstances.

Therefore, we feel that the language used in both the Education and Employment sectors, in situations where careers advice is given, is in urgent need of an upgrade. So in order to prevent further offence, and damage being caused on an industrial scale, especially to school leavers, college and university graduates, we urge the government and all relevant institutions and agencies to end using the phrase “sell yourself” in the job interview/application context.

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