Stop Labor MP Don Brown’s Office From Cutting Down Mature Gum Tree’s At Alexandra Hills

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Koala Action Group via Facebook:

“Alexandra Hills Tafe College this week have been cutting down mature gum trees with Labor MP Don Brown’s office advising that due to safety concerns 37 high risk trees will be immediately removed and an additional 270 trees to be managed as they are considered moderate to low risk and potentially 105 of those will also be removed.
KAG questions this advice as many of the trees are located in areas that are out-of-bounds for students, some distance away from buildings and the area is not a thoroughfare. A number of trees have already been removed (see photo) and others earmarked with pink ribbon to be cut down.
The drastic action appears to be a response to a fallen branch in August which did not cause any damage to anyone or any property.
It can only be seen as a knee-jerk reaction by the Dept of Employment, Small Business and Training.
Obviously safety of students and the public is paramount however, generally eucalyptus trees can be safely managed by regular inspection and lopping of at-risk limbs without the need for complete removal and this practice is demonstrated on many Council reserves and private properties around the Redlands.
Research has shown that koalas do inhabit the TAFE and adjoining high school grounds and KAG regards this area as a safe haven for koalas and wildlife with minimal threats.
At a time when bush fires are ravaging large areas of wildlife habitat, this over the top response is unwarranted and unacceptable and needs to be reassessed immediately.”