Safety improvements to intersection Tooradin-Baxter Road and Warneet Road

Safety improvements to intersection Tooradin-Baxter Road and Warneet Road

4 May 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Deb Chamberlain

With the increase in traffic over recent years it is time something is done to fix the intersection of Baxter-Tooradin Road and Warneet Road, Blind Bight before there is a major accident. 

It is extremely dangerous for local traffic and visitors to the area having poor visibility for traffic coming out of Warneet Road, especially during peak times.

There have been many near misses and several minor accidents in recent months.

Baxter-Tooradin Road is the main arterial road linking the Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island and during long weekends, school holidays the amount of traffic using the road increases dramatically.

With the recent road works nearing completion which has taken months of inconvience to complete, residents were hopeful that the safety issue was going to be addressed but it has become more apparent that matters have been made worse. The addition of flexible safety barriers may reduce the risk of head on collisions but this infrastructure has done nothing to help prevent road collisions for local residents. Just last week somone  collected the barrier between Warneet Road and the Roundabout at the Highway.

Suggestions to make this intersection safer are as follows:

Lower Speed Limit

Traffic lights or a round about installed

We would like the turning lane into Warneet Road extended to improve visiabilty for residents when turning onto Tooradin-Baxter Road.

Better Lighting

Reflectors or lights on start of safety barriers

Please share this petition widely and generously on all your newsfeeds and by email so we can prevent someone being injured or worse yet a fatality.

BTW the 'pitch-in' button when you've signed our petition is not for our benefit, it is a donation to, which is good but part of our petition.

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Signatures: 245Next goal: 500
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