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As Anna Hazare's fight for Jan Lakpol strengthens, one man has stayed silent: Rahul Gandhi. If Rahul spoke up in support of the Jan Lokpal, he could change the entire debate in Parliament, and put victory within reach.

As a national leader, he has a duty to India. As MP for Amethi, he must represent his district - 90% of whom support Jan Lokpal.

But for Rahul to put his country above the Congress party, he must hear directly from us, the public. He must know we are calling on him with all our strength to do what's right.

Please sign this petition to Rahul Gandhi, asking him to break his silence and speak out for Jan Lokpal. If enough of us sign, Rahul will have to respond.

So add your name, and then share this with family and friends so they can join too. This is our freedom struggle, we must do everything we can. 



Letter to
Rahul Gandhi
Support the Jan Lokpal

As MP of Amethi district you are responsible for representing the interest of your constituency and as an upcoming leader of the country you need to listen to the Indian public.

Over 90% in Amethi support the Jan Lokpal, based on a recent referendum that polled 83,216 people in the district.

You show yourself to be a supporter of peoples movements across India having supported many struggles including the agitations against the POSCO plant, the Vedanta mining project, and farmers struggles in Bhatta Parsaul.

If you are a true leader of the Indian people and a representative of your constituency, then you must support the Jan Lokpal in parliament and completely reject the bill in it's current state.

Looking to you as our leader of Amethi and as a leader of India.


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