Change JavaScript to JediScript

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Out of respect and honor, more that a 100 web developers and programmers all over the world are coordinating an effort worthy of the Star Wars Resistance by signin and sharing this proposal adressed to Lucasfilm and The Mozilla Foundation (among others) to replace the word Java in JavaScript for the word Jedi so the name of arguably the most important and used programming language in the world (and pillar of the whole internet) could be known as JediScript.

As you may know, JavaScript, the programming language that powers a big part of the internet was originally named Mocha, later it was renamed as LiveScript, and then changed again to JavaScript. But except for the name, JavaScript in opinion of many experts has little to do with the other programming language called Java, which they say confuses a lot of newcomers. 

This will also stop the problem on future generations asking the same question all over again: is JavaScript Java?: Nope fellas JavaScript is definitely not Java.  

Also we believe most JavaScript programmers and web developers in general may feel more close to Star Wars, Disney and Lucasfilm than to Java (the programming language) or the Oracle corporation (owners of the JavaScript trademark).

May the Force be with you All.