There is not enough support with children having speech and learning difficulties.

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I am doing this petition on behalf of all children seeking help for speech and learning, being in a regional town with only little access to therapists, my son has a huge delay in his speech he struggles putting a sentence together and gets frustrated when people can't understand what he is saying, and its affecting him socially aswell, he just had his last session which now he is going to start school, they will not be seeing him anymore, although there should be speech available to him at school there is going to be a 2 year waiting list, there is not enough funding for the school to have more speech therapists there or in the region. He can not wait this long and I bet he isn't the only child either, there needs to be change, more help, NDIS will not help because he has no physical problems. Someone needs to look into this and make more available resources happen, it's not fair on the children or there family, some family's can't pay for private therapists and they to have waiting lists aswell, So where can they go? Who's going to help them? It is going to affect them emotionally, socially and there will be behaviour change aswell, please help and put more resources available for family's who really need it and are struggling to help there children because no one is willing to help them, instead they just throw them on a waiting list. I really hope I can make a difference and someone can fix this issue.