Steiner Waldorf Education should be available through state education provision in the UK

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We believe that Steiner Education provides an important choice for learning in the modern world and think that it should be part of mainstream state provision.

It provides a balanced approach to learning where the intellectual, artistic and practical are held in equal regard. This approach makes it well placed to meet different learning needs and styles and promotes good mental health.

Learning and playing outdoors is integral to the curriculum. This encourages children to have respect for their environment and understand how their wellbeing is interconnected with nature.

It promotes problem-solving and collaboration to create social conscience and responsibility.

It observes and celebrates the seasons and annual festivals, which helps children to be reflective and connect with the cyclical nature of the year.

Steiner teacher training places a great emphasis on the recognition and support of individuals within the context of the class as a team.

It looks to create lifelong and independent learners who will make judgements and direct their own behaviour in many different settings beyond the school.

The Steiner curriculum is age-appropriate and defined by an understanding of the different stages of child development.

Steiner Education is not affiliated to any particular religion or religious group, nor is it guided by any specific religious ideas or doctrines, instead it encourages community across all religions and beliefs.

This Campaign is initiated by ‘Moving Forward, Steiner Academy Exeter’