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Movie + TV Studios:Damsels In Distress Are Not Entertainment

Audiences are desensitized to stalking, kidnapping and human trafficking due to it's gratuitous use in TV and movies.

Letter to
ABC Television Alex Wallau
Sony Pictures Audience Relations
Universal Pictures Donna Langley
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Viacom / Paramount Sumner Redstone
The WB Network Viewer Relations
USA Network Viewer Relations
Univision Alberto Ciurana
Telemundo Michelle Alban
NBC Television Viewer Relations
Fox Broadcasting Public Relations
CBS Television David Brownfield
LionsGate Pictures Audience Relations
Because you are a leader in the entertainment industry, you can appreciate how large your audience is. Your market share brings the mantle of creating responsible programming and holding yourselves accountable when poor choices are made.
Each year, your company creates shows which gratuitously depict stalking, abduction and human trafficking which desensitizes your audience to violence against women. What you may not know is that there is an online subculture of people who follow the fantasy abduction scenes you create and post clips of those scenes to sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. Their vile actions further promote the desensitization.
We ask that as you exercise more caution when using stalking, kidnapping and human trafficking plot lines and embrace the fact that damsels in distress are not a responsible entertainment source.

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