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Pull 50 Shades of Grey from Cinemas

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Hollywood executives have chosen to release the film version of the "erotic" novel 50 Shades of Grey in theaters this Valentine's Day, 2015. 

While the marketing campaign is selling the movie as a "romance," there is nothing authentically romantic about the tale of a sado-masochistic abusive sexual relationship between a young woman, Anastasia, and a slightly older billionaire man, Christian Grey. There is nothing erotic about men subordinating women to male sexual rule and dominance.

Critics have described the book as misogynistic, pornographic, exploitative, sexually violent, anti-romance and pro-male dominance – and there is little reason to expect the film will be anything different.  

Opposition to the book and movie crosses the ideological spectrum, with many right-wing conservatives expressing grave concerns about the messages the book is sending to young men and women. The anti-choice speaker and writer, Jonathan Van Maren says “It would be extraordinarily insensitive and cruel to all those who have suffered sexual assault, abusive relationships, and domestic violence, to partake in this phenomenon and support this repulsive porn film with your money. All Christians, and all people of good-will, need to take a stand against this film and all it stands for."

While feminists disagree with many of the stances and underlying ideology of the right-wing, coming together as a united political force to say “no” to BDSM in a mainstream movie, is what will make our public outcry heard.

Marketing for the film has already bombarded the airwaves, sending a clear message to a whole new generation that glorifying and participating in violence against women is how we mark Valentine’s Day from now on. It normalizes further, the rampant violence portrayed in mainstream pornography that young people are increasingly being exposed to at a younger and younger age.

We call for movie theaters across the world to boycott the Valentine’s Day film premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey and to pull it from showing entirely. We also call on the film’s producer, Dana Brunetti, to publicly answer the concerns we raise about the glorification of BDSM. How will this film impact a whole new generation of Valentine's Day movie-goers? How can you justify promoting violence against women? 

Sign this petition, and then share it with your friends, family and local movie theaters premiering the film.

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