Movie Production Incentives

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Marcus V. Muhd
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     We are submitting this petition to our Houston, TX, District and State Representatives for the general purpose of encouraging in-state and local film production. Since film incentives were borne of attracting US filmmakers in the 90s back to the US from preferring to always do business in other places.

     The City of Houston is widely known as a great resource of talent, but almost never as a city for project development, production, or marketing and distribution. That is so even with all of the richness in rural and urban landscape, and access to the improving infrastructure. Houston, TX, should consider calculating the amount of revenue lost from locals relocating in order to pursue their goals. What has done relatively well in the city in regards to film is Television Commercials, but here is a serious divide between the creativity and business sides of all around entertainment here. Television Commercials and Stage Theater are the only exceptions to the issue of our lacking entertainment industry in Houston. Dallas and Austin seem to be doing a bit better at profiting from their local attractions in terms of film, TV, video game and commercial production. According to a 2010 article in the Houston Press by Richard Connelly, these cities simply have grown a larger tech base from a correlating volume of commercials shot. So even these moderate trends in productivity are not generated by any well-to-do incentive in place. Talented independent filmmakers in Houston continue to strive and compete for an audience despite very little or absent major production presence.

     Texas has initiated a Cash Grant incentive for the most part, while other much more successful states, in terms of movie and television production, implement the more useful incentive of Tax Credits. There is no question which incentives are more effective, only observe which state is benefiting from actually hosting an industry. Simply being in the national conversation as a filming location creates market value and permeates commerce. 

     Houston and surrounding areas are at the top in having the largest increase in population and cultural diversity. By this, the artistry of the region is enhanced, as well as its trades and marketability. We can only benefit economically from the forwarding of a new and improved film tax initiative with Tax Credits as the focus. Current longstanding film Institutions in Houston such as the Houston Film Commission, the Houston Media Source, Houston Film & Arts, the Art Institute of Houston and others, serve as some evidence that area movie-makers would be taking full advantage of an expanded filming incentive, and would be more inclined to reside here to build their careers along with others. We would like to see our great city thrive the way we know it can, and with our local official's influential service, we can all make Houston more of a great cultural center, nationally and world-wide.

  •  David Jacob of, about how the state of Louisiana has benefited from is incentive program:

    “The most recent study by economist Loren Scott says films spurred more than $1 billion in sales for state businesses and almost $728 million in household earnings in 2014, which supporters say is a pretty sweet return on investment for issuing $226 million worth of credits.

    Business sectors that benefit include labor; transportation; lodging; car, truck and equipment rentals; gas stations; food and beverage; construction; timber; antique shops; and personal, business and government services.”