1% of Telugu movie income should go to farmers fund

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India,agricultural based country,The presence of abundant rivers and conducive environment made more people to depend on agriculture, particularly the Telugu states.

With Godavari,Krishna being the life line of people here ,presence of fertile land adding to modern agricultural methods, agriculture flourished in Telugu states.

This made people self sufficient and happy,they started watching movies,sowing seed for film industry, Telugu
film industry grew along with Agriculture and became the biggest film industry in India with the annual turnover of 2000 crore.

But since last 15 years, the situation of the farmers is becoming very bad. Reasons could be
years of drought,lack of minimum support price,heavy rains and multiple reasons many farmers committed suicide .

Farmers used to be the rescuers when country faces any disaster now looking for the support.

Government brought many policies like giving subsidies,the loans at low interest rate,farm insurance schemes to address the farmers issues,were not able to solve them completely.
But Telugu film industry, which grew along with Agriculture went to international level.

Bahubali,Rangasthalam broke the box office records won applauds.
The industry that was nurtured by farmers now have to take the responsibility of saving the farmers.

There are many ways industry can support farmers,A systematic mechanism can be brought where
1% of ticket price should go to farmers through government.This will definitely solve most of the issues of the farmers.

Movie Artists association should make a step forward to ensure that the revenue so got from Andhra Pradesh should go to Andhra farmers and so in Telangana.
The producers association and other movie associations should feel responsible and should work with Telugu governments.

The intiative took by Tamil Actor Vishal,to give Tamil movie revenue share to Tamil farmers is applaudable.

If you save the farmer,He will feed and save the world.

रैथो रक्षित रक्षितः