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Movement Against War in Nigeria

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The Nigerian Civil War or the Biafran War is said to have cost about two million lives: mostly civilians; half of whom are children.

The socio-economic impact of the war was huge and continued across generations, and even now, Nigeria as a nation is yet to recover from the overall impact of the war.

Nigeria cannot survive another war but yet, there are growing sounds of war and violence all around; and the issues of injustice, inequality, and retrogression are fanning the flame of this looming war.

The Nigerian government has said foreign interests are already taking positions in it, which goes a long way to show the global war industry is seeing Nigeria as its next cash cow.

Should we fold our hands? We say No!

This is how it all begins… and one day, we will start running helter-skelter seeking shelter from the pangs of another war! Everyday life would be disrupted, many will die, and even survivors will live the continuous nightmare.

We say No! All people of goodwill must say No! is launching a platform to enable us discuss the issues pointing us towards this possible war.

By our little actions, together we can firmly shut the door on any form of violence, talk more of war.

We welcome you to the Movement Against War in Nigeria. We welcome you to the #NoMoreWar campaign.

Sign the charter and share with others so we can raise a million voices against bloodshed in Nigeria.

The last war must be our last!

Sign the charter and share your thoughts tweeting @TheNewsGuruNG using the hash tags #NoMoreWar #LastWarOurLast #MoveAgainstWarNG

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