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Let Adam Gilray, aka. 50 Shades ov Gilray, back onto

50 Shades ov Gilray has to be one of the best authors on movellas, with his most popular works including sKorpiO, My Love Is A Bloodied Red Rose, 'Tis Most Excellent, She's A Whore and the immensely popular Inspired Insanity Of A Kool And Kreative Kind. Sadly, his account and all his works have been deleted, due to "inappropriacy", by the movellas team. To shock you more, the same team allows girls as young as 9, to freely write stories about having orgies with all 5 men from One Direction, getting targeted by the same men for her virginity, and a 12-year-old vowing to have sex with all of them in turn.
Fellow movellians, I urge you, to put your fingers on the computer keyboard, and get signing, to return the author who we can all agree, spiced up the site.

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