Township of a first class

Township of a first class

May 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nathan White

I agree that the Township of Spring should include on the next election ballot relevant statistics and an unbinding, easy-to-understand question to ask voters in the Township of Spring if we are ready to become a township of the first class. This petition's sole purpose is to assist and motivate our newly elected and more experienced supervisors in their decision-making process in this unclear time.

Remember, by signing this petition you are only agreeing that the elected board should explore the process for transition to a first-class township idea more closely.  Any final decisions will be issued by our more than capable elected officials.  

This is why.

Neighbors, while our state and federal leaders continue to prove that putting on the wig does not equate to enlightenment. Society and collective learning has allotted us humans this amazing unique opportunity to set the standard for the state and we could be the first to do it.

It is important that we come together respectfully and use logic, reason, and data to evaluate our current situation and direction for the future. 

In 1752 when Berks County was founded by the descendants of William Penn (with help from the Germans) it wasn't possible to have the immediate access to 28,077 of Pennsylvania's best and brightest professionals. We are more than capable of developing strategies and comprehensive plans for governance.

If we stay on this same course, meaning, attempting to govern 28,000+ people within the confines of the default operating system. We will continue to grow more vulnerable as Reading slowly consumes our area. 

Who am I.

I'm Nate White 3016 Grandview and I think we need a more efficient system that will protect us from ourselves when we get a little too human. 

I have attempted to introduce the benefits of this idea to our current board. the 100+ hours of schoolboard complaints leads me to believe that you understand. I sat on the Spring Twp. Zoning Hearing Board as an alternate. moved up to a member and after a few years, I was voted in as Chairman. An opportunity to learn I took advantage of. I resigned from the board mid football season because of a decision of inaction that I strongly disagreed with.

I firmly agree that my local political journey would be more interesting filled with scandalous tales but this would be untrue.

Our Supervisors and School Board members are part of our team too. They are good people that take this role in addition to life because they want to. Its not always clear what to do or who to trust so leave the pitchforks at home.

 What now.

The Supervisors are aware that I am motivated but your thoughts and commitment are unknown variables. I encourage you to find your own patterns and share your ideas along side me respectfully at the Board of Supervisors meeting Monday 23May2022. 


for the analytical.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a population of 12.79 million people divided disproportionately within her 67 counties. for reference, Philadelphia's population is equal to the sum of humans residing in all other counties.

Ranking 9th place housing a population of 428,849 people, is Berks County which breaks down into 72 municipalities. The Census lists Spring Twp. as the second most populated municipality in Berks County. 

  • Census data (1APR2020 Report)
    • Spring Twp Population 28,077 people
      • Personsunder age18- 20.9%
      • Persons aged 65 and over 19.6%
      • Female 50.2%
      • Land Area(2010 data)18.48 mi sq
      • Berks County 428,849 people
        • 21,465 Veterans in Bers
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Signatures: 18Next Goal: 25
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