Changing the Date of NCFL Quals

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This petition is to move the date of the NCFL qualifier for the 2018-2019 season and for seasons to come. As you may have noticed, the NCFL qualifier conflicts with the UPenn Invitational, which is an octofinals bid for PF, TOC bid tournament for speech, top 6 bid for Congress, and finalist bid for LD.

The UPenn Invitational, being hosted at UPenn and a TOC bid tournament, is very prestigious; many of the debaters and speechies on my team have told me that they would like to attend. More importantly, it is one of the last few TOC bid tournaments within driving (although long) distance of Massachusetts, making it a great opportunity for teams to qualify to the TOC, especially since many teams are reluctant to fly to other tournaments given the incredibly high cost of flying.

However, even if UPenn were not on the same weekend as NCFL quals, moving the NCFL quals would still be beneficial. First, the NCFL comes one week after NSDAs and one week before Harvard, making that period in February incredibly stressful. This puts a lot of pressure on kids from small schools especially, who have to balance school work and debate during this busy period. Thus, kids who don't want to go to UPenn but still want to try for NCFLs will have a lot of pressure taken off them. On top of that, having the tournament in a month such as November, December, or even April would make a lot of sense since these months are not as crowded. Right now, many debaters do not take topics in those months seriously due to the lack of competitive tournaments. Moving NCFL qualifiers to these months would incentivize them to prepare for these topics, making debate more educational because we would now be researching more topics throughout the year rather than cramming all of our prep into one month on a topic we may not even enjoy.

Thank you for your consideration.