Move the Crystal Springs Water Booster Station to an area that will not affect neighbors.

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Let’s be clear: Our neighborhood is in favor of water booster station .... but according to all approved City Council & Planning Board  minutes & registered documents the station was to be placed at Front 9 & No Broadway junction. We are asking that it be placed the 250 yards in that junction. 

The Crystal Lake development was first proposed March 3, 2009 to the Planning Board and the abutters. In 2009 abutters were told at that meeting the booster station was going to be placed at the entrance of Front Nine Drive and N. Broadway.  The Registry of Deeds Planning Board minutes show there was no objection to that location by abutters, including the Planning Board. Why did so many approve of this? Because it just made good sense and didn’t have a negative impact on any sector of this scenic Road or Homes.

 In 2010, the location was moved.The abutters never received any notification of this, even in 2018 when the 2009 approved footprint for the station changed drastically in size to a 36’ x 26’ one & 1/2 story building with more & larger pumps. 

The Water Booster Station can be moved!

1. Several of residents in this sector of neighborhood have been in touch with the new owner of the course, Kevin Osgood, and one of his associates. Mr. Osgood is open to changing the easement location & is willing to discuss this matter with the developer. The engineering company Wright -Pierce is willing to look at other viable non intrusive locations also.

2. Many of the homeowners of the new subdivision designed their dream homes  so they would have an open space view of the course.  ( No one knew or were told of  a water pump station in the current proposed area ) Some homeowners paid additional money to secure a better view of the 99 year open space agreement with City of Haverhill for the course.  Now some will have an obstructive view, property value will be negatively effected .

2.The next factor, and most importantly, is how this building will effect the environment. It is well known that the area has a extremely high water table and golf club easement & areas surrounding this area has been sinking due to the laying of  underground water/sewer pipes, fallen willow trees, the relocation of the 12th green, and the building and grading of 16 homes. The proposed area is now a very wet low point on the fairway and constantly forms large pools of water that never completely dry.  Many homes have had structural issues due water caused by the topography & hydrology changes due & landscape  impacts . No new surveying of the course topography or hydrology issues have been conducted in 2018.  No drainage improvement plan or study  , no Cause & Effect study to protect neighborhood homes, no emissions study , & no core sample study or report .

3. The proposed drainage for this enormous building (which would be built known low lying water retaining area) is a street swale which already fills to capacity & overflows over & under roadway causing flooding to North Broadway homes. This issue is capable of effecting area septic systems .

This very large building will have a huge negative effect on homes ,the golf course & scenic roadway FOREVER.  Which is probably why no other pump station on a golf course in the City of Haverhill and surrounding courses has it located on a fairway.  

Lowell 5 Bank and the developer Davidowitz & Smolak are both eager to start building homes and in order to do that, the booster station must be completed. That is why when the engineer from Wright and Pierce was contacted about moving it up by the entranceway to Crystal Lake Golf Course, their engineer said he doesn’t see a problem, and has NO objection to a review. If it’s a go, he said it would take approx. 2 months to amend the existing plans. 

In conclusion, 10 years have passed since the plans inception and many  negative changes have occurred to the land during this time. The size of the water booster station has changed and no abutters had been notified . Majority of the abutters are new to this sector of neighborhood and are asking Haverhill Mayor Fiorentini, Water Department Director Bob Ward, Planning Director William Pillsbury and the Planning Board , Lowell 5 John Pratt and potential Developers John Davidowitz and Steve Smolak to review & change the location of the proposed water booster station to its original stated location at the junction of Front 9 & North Broadway.

There are  several people who would like to have a chance to sit down with the developer and the bank to further discuss this matter and solutions .