Move the date of Conclave 2018 for more attendence.

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Conclave: the most meaningful convention of the year, not only for the seniors who only get to experience 3 more days with the people they grew up in bbyo with, but also for everyone else. It is when senior song, regional lives, the elections of next years regional leaders, the most passionate havdallah, and the loudest song circle takes place. Missing this convention as a senior will basically rob you of the big, emotional finish that they have been waiting for for years. As a junior, it will rob you of seeing some of your best friends for possibly the last time, being elected as a member of regional board or seeing your brother alephs or sister BBGs get elected. As someone in any other grade, you will miss out on some of the most important moments of the year, if there is a great lack of upperclassmen at conclave. The dates need to be changed.