@Mec to recognize 911 Communicators in first responder appreciation program

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Mec very kindly adopted a first responder appreciation program offering 15% discount to police, fire, ems, search and rescue and coastguard. 

They chose to not include 911 Communicators in this program as they we feel we are not directly involved with “their community outdoors”

Even though we are the first point of contact for many in an emergency situation. 911 communicators are tasked with trying to locate you remotely, providing lifesaving medical information, survival information, keeping you calm, we are sadly, sometimes the last voice you hear and we often stay on with you experiencing your emergency until help arrives!!! 

In order to promote health and well being in our 911 Communicators as exercise and outdoors helps to reduce stress and PTSD symptoms I ask the emergency service community to help me let @mec hear our voice. 

I dont want a boycott as that hurts employees but would like if people could help raise our voice and let them see the community and other first respsonders feel we deserve this as we are too commonly overlooked in this sector. 

The Goverment of Canada recognizes us as first responders and even acknowledges the high link of PTSD we are at risk from due to the nature of our work. 

Thank you for taking the time to help out your 911 Communicators