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Mountain Cove Homeowners vs. Thomas Yen - CC&R Violations @ 28 Turning Leaf Way

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As lawful and abiding residents of the Mountain Cove community, we are requesting Thomas Yen Sr. to remove his tenant, Thomas Yen Jr. and to sell his home immediately @ 28 Turning Leaf Way in the city of Azusa, Ca.  

The reason for this request, Thomas Yen Jr has repeatedly (over the course of two years or more) disregarded and violated the Mountain Cove CC&R regulations.  One of the CC&R rules that was violated is  Article II, Section 2.3 of the Association's Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and Reservations of Easements states in part that "Noxious or offensive activities are prohibited on the Properties and on any public street abutting or visible from the Properties."  According to Article IV Section 4.6.4, Thomas Yen Sr. is responsible for all tenant disruptions, harassment, and damages.  

Some examples over the years are as follows:  

1. Trespassing on homeowner personal property such as: backyards, garages and entering homes through unlocked doors.

2. Harboring criminals at his residence in which Police have been called over 10+ times. 

3. Recklessly driving in the community, damaging streets and nearly colliding with children while they cross the road. 

4. Stalking women to their homes and entering their homes without their permission.

5. Constant noise pollution at all times of the day and night which triggers neighbors to repeatedly call the police. 

6. Use of driveway as a trash/equipment storage which is a permanent fixture at the residence. 

7. Flying drones into neighbors backyards which is a violation of homeowner privacy. 

8. Associates that live at his residence threatening and harassing homeowners in which neighbors are afraid for their lives.

Residents are frightened of Thomas Yen Jr and his associates which is causing stress, anxiety and worry. 

To conclude, we are requesting Thomas Yen Sr. to 1) remove his tenant from his home and 2) sell his residence @ 28 Turning Leaf immediately to resolve this unfortunate situation. 

Mountain Cove Homeowners

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