9/11 Street Naming for Dennis Ciallela (Former DPW Foreman City of Mount Vernon)

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On September 11, 2001, Dennis Ciallela and a group of men from DPW answered the call for their fellow Americans and rushed down to The World Trade Center, later known as Ground Zero, that horrific afternoon the planes hit the Towers.

Totally unaware of what was awaiting, they went anyway and stayed for three days assisting with the Search and Rescue operations and various tasks assigned by the NYPD and NYFD, never taking any notice of the dangers that was before each and every one of them.

As you may or may not be aware, Dennis Ciallela was later diagnosed with the respiratory illness that has befallen so many of our First Responders nationwide, who answered the call that day for their fellowman, and on January 07, 2014, Mr. Ciallela finally succumbed to his illness.

An employee for The Department of Public Works for nearly 30 years, Dennis dedicated his life to the City of Mount Vernon.

We respectfully request, if this September 11, 2018, the Honorable City Council of Mount Vernon, NY would consider naming the street which is the entrance way to the DPW Garage, in memory of Mr. Dennis Ciallela.


They say that for everyone there is a purpose in life. I don't know if this was it for me, if it happened before, or is yet to happen.  All I know is that for the rest of my life this will be up there, along with the rest of the thousands who I'm sure are wondering the same thing.  I will never forget, and I know that history will prove the world will never forget either.

- Dennis Ciallela



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