Integrate Ancient Black History/Black History into the schools curriculum.

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Black History is a part of Ancient History and should be incorporated into The Mount Vernon School District lesson plans. Aside from Parents, Elementary School Teachers play an important role in the education and development of Children. Our Children are being taught about other Cultures on a regular basis, meanwhile the majority of these Educators are not incorporating Our History into the academic studies. How can that be when it is a known fact that Blacks have invented an abundance of everything and have a major contribution in Society. It is Important for kids to know their History, they need to know where they derived from so they can know where they are supposed to be headed. The majority of children as well as Adults think their Ancestors began from Slavery. Knowing their history will teach Children to Respect one another because they will see that's where they came from. There is no way that you can encompass all of Melanin Peoples, contributions, celebrations, triumphs and tragedies in one month, it can not even be done in one year. We need to show Our Youth that they are relevant every month of the year.We also need to demand that these Teachers incorporate Our Culture into their lesson plan also. Without knowledge of their History how can they have Knowledge of Self?

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