MVNU Meal Plan Changes

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Mount Vernon Nazarene University presently offers a "one-size-fits-all" meal plan for all traditional undergraduate students living on campus. We spend roughly $18 a day for "unlimited swipes" into the cafeteria. For some students this plan is an advantage because they are able to eat 3 meals a day. For others (especially nursing majors, education majors, athletes, people with dietary limitations/restrictions, etc.) it is very difficult to make it to the cafeteria for every meal in order to get your $18 worth.  Our Christian values and upbringing teaches us that we are to be good stewards with the resources entrusted to us.  Paying for a meal plan which we’re unable to make use of does not fit with that teaching. 

After recognizing how much money is spent on a meal plan that is going unutilized we decided to reach out to various MVNU representatives to suggest and propose changes for our cafeteria meal plan. We pointed out plans from other colleges with the hope that MVNU could model after them or get ideas of other meal plan options to offer. We suggested partnering with various locations in town (Panera, Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc.) where we could use our "road bucks" at.  However, we were told that there are no other viable options - the current meal plan in place is all that we have access to.

We were encouraged to start a petition to show the faculty and staff members that we need change. We're not advocating to completely abandon the current unlimited meal plan. Instead, we are petitioning for additional options which better fit with student life.  There are many options based on our research of other colleges. Some options might include being able to omit the meal plan under certain circumstances, purchase a number of swipes a week, or possibly opting out of various swipes a week and exchanging them for more road bucks. It might look something like this:

** Note: these options would all cost the same amount of money. 

**This is based off of Olivet Nazarene University's current meal plans.

Pre-arranged number of meals:

o  Unlimited Meal Plan with $30 road bucks per semester

o  14 Meal Plan swipes per week with (roughly) $80 road bucks per semester

o  8 Meal Plan swipes per week with (roughly) $200 road bucks per semester

Block Plan:

o  135 swipes per semester (approximately 9 meals a week) with $150 road bucks

o  160 swipes per semester (approximately 10-11 meals a week) with $100 road bucks


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