Calling for the Resignation of Joshua Hochschild

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It has come to our attention that Professor Joshua Hochschild of Mount St. Mary’s University has written an article in the American Mind titled “Once Upon a Presidency.”  While the article serves as a poor justification of his attendance at the Capitol insurrection on January 6th, he glamorizes the appeal of Trump while showing evident hypocrisy. In addition to this, he minimizes the effects of racism, xenophobia, and misogyny, while making the argument that such views will fail to impact presidential policies. Some quotations are as follows:

“They say he’s a racist and misogynist...You don’t think the charges are fair—but even if they are, it’s what he’d do in office, not his style or his tweets, that matters.”

“Out of a massive crowd, it seems that a fraction was stupid, shameful, lawless. Hardly representative of the kinds of people who were there, or the purpose for which they gathered. A small fraction of a large civil rights event turned into a lawless mob.”

“The words are wildly disproportionate: nobody had a strategy or opportunity for seizing power. Oh, and it was a racist insurrection, a manifestation of white nationalism. Despite the sea of American flags, news stories seem to always run a picture of a Confederate flag.” 

While I will allow individuals to make their own judgment upon the article, I find this to be yet another example of a Mount professor proving that “the benefit of the doubt” is reserved for White Americans only. 

I find it repulsive that Hochschild calls for respectability and humanity when the actions of Trump supporters on January 6 proved to be less than that. I find it telling that he asks for decency when there are prominent white supremacists rubbing elbows at the same event as he, and proudly boasting racial symbolism along with the American flag. Lastly, I find it incriminating that he went to such frivolous extremes to weave a narrative in which he is the victim of attending an event where people lost their lives, and white supremacy ran rampant. For him to call for respect in a situation where his peers call for the eradication of my being, yet he claims to uphold pro-life, is bigotry. I refuse to accept or respect this. 

However, I will respect the 500,000 Americans who have died from COVID, the Central Park 5, the women sexually assaulted by Trump, and the countless African-Americans apprehended under police brutality who were mocked in life and death by Trump supporters on January 6th. I find myself questioning a supposed man of academia who calls blatant facts irrelevant while downplaying national events. He who controls the narrative shall change the course of history. This cannot happen here.

Before The Mount makes the argument that these views are that of his own, it must be noted that he publicly posted his affiliation to the institution in this article. In addition to this, his views reflect his teaching, where students of color have repeatedly reported racial bias in his classroom. After this publication, we now see why he refuses to acknowledge institutional racism in higher education, and why he creates a hostile environment for students that don’t subscribe to his ideals. Immediate action must be made, and I implore The Mount to rethink their decision of inactivity. 

Brea Purdie ℅ 2021